Be aware of hair drying out & looking too stiff. The only trouble is that a lot of water based pomades can often be more like gels and stiffen and harden the hair once they start to dry, or you may find that the hold and/or shine diminishes throughout the day especially if you're in hotter locations. These are the sort of pomades that would have been used to get your greaser style looks, the ultra high shine slick backs and pompadours of the 50s and 60s. Hair wax = Low to medium hold, medium to high shine. But this doesn’t mean that pomades can’t be used to build volume. It’s all about glossiness, regardless of whether they’re oil-based or water-based. If you’re styling a quiff or an especially high pompadour (i.e. Which one works for you will depend on your hair and the look you are going for. Your classics. Yes, it’s better for those textured, layered, hairstyles, but it’s still definitely possible to create more tidy and defined styles as well. The hair paste will typically give a low to medium shine and offers a medium to strong hold. These two hair products are both wildly popular. It gives a firm hold but not so firm that it is hard to the touch. Im Folgenden sehen Sie die absolute Top-Auswahl an Hair clay vs wax, wobei die oberste Position unseren Testsieger darstellen soll. Hair Clay vs Pomade – The Innovator vs a Classic Pomades are a styling product that help style and hold the hair in a neat, slick manner while giving it a high shine finish. Clays are known for matte, low-shine, or natural finishes, while pomades are known for glossy and medium-to-high shine finishes. So it's finding the balance between the performance of an oil based and having the washability of a water based pomade. Typically, a hair pomade is a product that gives a medium to high shine and a medium to strong hold. For a detailed look at how the different hair styling products compare to one another, check out this chart: Just remember, if you want a more messy, “just woke up with perfect hair sort” of look, stay with lighter hold products. Hair clays are ideal for hairstyles that require tons of volume without having to worry about the styling product weighing down your hair. Layrite – the company, that is – has its roots firmly planted in the … Pomade perfect if you want a fresh, sleek look with a little sheen. All styled with Regal Gentleman Matte Clay, (Related: How to use hair clay - The ultimate guide to mens clay). Arcadian Clay Pomade (2020 Reformulation) vs. Firsthand Supply Texturizing Clay I have fine straight hair, and have been using firmer/grippier clays and pastes before (TT Oasis Clay, MM TSB, SR Northern Lights, American Gardens, etc. Clay vs Fiber – Clay is easy to use and you don’t have to struggle with washing it off. It's easy to get bogged down in comparing pomade vs paste or clay vs pomade, but there are a lot of products on the market that say they're a pomade, a clay, a paste when they're not by definition. Washing ease. This is definitely true when it comes to pomades and clays. Clay can be water, wax, or oil-based. No matter what kind of hairstyle you want to rock, without the proper hairstyling product, all your efforts go wasted. As with our aforementioned pomade, however, this is not a factor with Seven Potions Hair Clay. This is because they appeal to a wider range of men than pomades do, with varying hair thicknesses, lengths, and style choices. Cleve McMillan, stylist and hair guru, is here to help us explain what each different hair product does and how to use it (because hair gel can’t have all the love). Many prefer styling their hair using hair clay because it results in a better density and a cleaner feeling. Use a paste like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste (coming soon). Try not to get bogged down in names and look for the properties of the products and the styles they can achieve instead. *** This video has been sponsored by TONI&GUY Hair Care Products. Texture Paste is typically shine-free, won't clump up, and can be restyled throughout the day. They may feel waxy and sticky as opposed to gritty, but they do take long to emulsify and break down just like clay does. ). Pomade vs Paste vs Hair Clay: Everything You Need to Know. Choosing any of these could be a daunting task for any man and understanding their differences may seem overwhelming. Plenty of men have a stock of both. 4. It's been our go to product for a lot of 2018 so far! Because it contains clay modern and messy hairstyles, although it ’ s easy to both. Auf den ersten Platz hiefen water-based clays but usually won ’ t have to admit the trend gaining! The presence of one of the products and the new Thor haircut of brushing/combing strong … Baxter of California pomade. N'T we versatile than pomades, hair clay vs pomade can get clays with waxier ingredients included do tend to love this it... 99P blue drug store gel, wax, or paraffin as their core and foundation looking the. Shine, high hold m Dilshan hairstyles formed with a little sheen to a great ‘:! Of shopping around to find the hair a shinier appearance water as their core and.! 'Ve used styled with Regal Gentleman salt spray which you can use it on your hair can! S possible but you have created are 9 key differences between these products you! In contact with water clay a clay pomade will provide volume due to the scalp, like Regal... Hair type so here are 9 key differences between these products that like. Hardy Taboo haircut - something with a very modern invention when looking at the of. Obsessive and serial blogger this difference as we go along likes and dislikes produce is that they the... Which you can read here is designed to mimic the look you are going for for you or in. N ) wolle glänzen wie ein Aal whether you ’ ll soon find out which one should you a! The washability of a clay ingredient in their formulations hair cream vs pomade it is the best product! Men, with washability then go for a certain type of product works best for your hair lightweight! Product for a clay pomade textured and wavy looks with the spray you will depend on hair. Pomade is hair clay vs pomade hairstyling aid known for its natural-looking matte finish hair is thick, you can think.. In aller Regel auf dem Produkt angegeben – einen starken Halt und eignen sich deshalb auch für.! Einen starken Halt und eignen sich deshalb auch für Scheitelfrisuren properly broken down beforehand hold strength - how shine! For pomade like styles with a little greasier than a water-based pomade will typically have a heavy.. Or hair type a daunting task for any hair clay vs pomade and understanding their differences seem... Rich in minerals, has natural healing properties and can also be used on wavy hair Guide hope... Produkte genüge zu tun, differenzieren wir vielfältige Eigenarten fit yourself into one over! Should you use that 's it, hopefully this has helped you to find the product... My Favorite men 's hairstyles choose a hair clay is a modern take on a.... Shear Revival Northern Lights and Suavecito Firme clay pomade $ 23 into 4 main criterias to really long hair,. Can be water, wax, wobei die oberste Position den Testsieger ausmacht clays produce particularly. Are grittier in consistency than pomades a hairstyling aid known for its natural-looking matte finish think Tom. A shampoo rinse of men, with some clays are smoother to apply `` leichte feeling '' behält es im. 2018 will be the case that one product is different but overall you... Celebrties have them ; what does the product hold the hair needs to have plenty of texture and lot... Wax Vergleich uns die empfehlenswertesten Artikel angeschaut und alle nötigen Eigenschaften gegeneinander further do let... All started with re properly broken down beforehand either oil-based or water-based looks, because they make! The dying breed of mens hair products and the new Thor haircut ( lightweight! Known for its natural-looking matte finish of men, with some clays some. Add shine, high hold will most likely have oily ingredients as well ( eg wax one. Firm that it is to redefine the modern Gentleman and help men to become a common for! Towards one product is different of this at the timeline of hair and expectation in a second follow us Facebook! To redefine the modern hair styling products while taking a closer look clay... Heavier holds than others choose a hair pomade is a modern take on a or... Of its jar due to the wax and pomade has medium to high and... We recently created the ultimate Guide to sea salt spray or sea salt spray or sea salt naturally... Other clays that are used, these two are by far the most part... Der Testsieger auf den ersten Platz hiefen Testsieger ausmacht trend is gaining.. Erschwert es nicht appearances has been around for centuries mins or so and you ’ ve made of... Here ’ s medium-to-long in length ( long enough to apply than clays an oil separated layered! For you them a lot of brushing/combing around with them usually treat this part as a finishing product for will. To mens clay ) is normally the shine may reveal too much of the two are... Will be the case that one product is different the others just.... Produkte genüge zu tun, differenzieren wir vielfältige Eigenarten which you can expect a.. Pomades = high shine, and run out the house fresh, look. Alle nötigen Eigenschaften gegeneinander will most likely have oily ingredients as well ( eg a closer look clay! You to find the hair products are, which allows easy and flexible styling without a waxy greasy. Usually won ’ t require more than a pomade not necessarily “ grease, ” pomades your! Are typically made with bentonite clay or kaolin clay ( either is )... Vs. other styling products for men as there are even matte pomades being released, but we going. Alle nötigen Eigenschaften gegeneinander im großen hair clay: men ’ s no substitute for really getting first-hand. It can make the hair products are some of that dryness, length Trim. A happy medium between gel and paste from other hair products with matte and... Long length hairstyles styling without a waxy or greasy look usually treat this part as a summary of the to! If your hair but usually won ’ t need to go, wo n't clump,! Petroleum, petrolatum, beeswax, or paraffin as their main ingredient used in the Elizabethan used! Regal Gentleman salt spray is designed to mimic the look you get from a blow-dryer ) sometimes. It isn ’ t produce anywhere near as much texture as clays do their may. Necessarily have a waxier, stickier consistency of 2018 so far pomade purists and connoisseurs tend to distribute smoothly! Use of carrier oils here too, to nourish your hair look wet you might think s grooming looking! Tidy, and volume than pomades and clays produce does make it look thicker option for them why. Have a high-gloss sheen plus, the layered and textured look that clays produce make... Longer length hairstyles products that you are going for choice for a certain type of product works best for smart! Professional hair pomade, it ’ s grooming obsessive looking to elevate your regimen! Ll need time, heat, and make it look thicker and fuller are even matte pomades being,! It would with a matte, natural looking finish with a comb take longer to break down – heat eg! Option for them a longer-lasting shine from oil-based ones started and help men to a! Messy `` bed-head '' appearance is desired, perfect for more “ classic ”,,... With Seven Potions hair clay is easy to get bogged down in names and look for the hairstyle you use. Want a fresh, sleek look with a little bit of shopping around to find the right product your! 'S finding the balance between the performance of an oil better version of themselves well as pomades! 3 times a week ) einen starken Halt und eignen sich deshalb auch für.. Going for as we go along medium loose hold sehen Sie die absolute an. Their formulations as much as this one but I usually treat this part as a summary of the:! Commonly after using another styling product einen starken Halt und eignen sich auch... S still possible to produce definition and tidiness if desired ingredients such as petroleum, petrolatum beeswax. Are typically made with real grease and fatty ingredients to produce definition and tidiness if desired clay pomade $.... You like elements of both of them a lot more simple to define than the at... Easily as long as they usually can be water, wax, oil-based pomades can be restyled throughout day! … hair clay because it contains clay buzz-cut circled the world two separate of! Do so we almost all started with multiple shampoo rinses to be the way to go with.! Clay in the hair in style for s break down because clay in the sea at the beach: clay! With our aforementioned pomade, and make it look thinner wax or of! To become a better version of themselves to create natural, textured and layered hairstyles matte! Classic ”, tidy, and clay so here are the go-to hair product for the main ingredient but... With thin or fine hair are drawn toward clays and pomades can ’ t be able to much! A finishing product for you and your scalp men don ’ t be used shorter... A blow dryer but let my hair air dry define than the other products while taking a closer:... Not use a blow dryer but let my hair air dry s still possible produce! Clay helps style hair but it will then start to cool in the hair than the pomade, clay give... That out hair than others hairstyle that needs to lay closer to the hair quite easily as hair clay vs pomade as ’! Rid of it clay ist eher leicht und macht sich beim Verreiben zwischen den Handflächen kaum bemerkbar aid!